The Story behind EASY-TO-SPIN Cotton

A History of Easy to Spin Earth Friendly Cotton Slivers

Spinning cotton sliver on a wheel or spindle has long been rumored to be too difficult, challenging and literally “no fun” for even experienced handspinners. For new spinners, enthusiastic to learn how to spin and attracted to cotton’s many attributes, it has been “taboo”!

Over a decade ago, Joan Ruane, internationally known fiber arts teacher and dedicated cotton spinner, recognized that commercially processed sliver was intended to be spun by machines in textile factories -not by handspinners. Through study and interaction with cotton farmers, ginners and processors she developed a way to process cotton that would preserve more of its’ natural attributes resulting in handspinner-friendly sliver that is a joy to spin!

From that day, Joan bought ginned bales of cotton raised with a minimum of chemicals and had them processed into sliver using this special technique.  This was the “birth” of Easy to Spin ® cotton sliver and was sold exclusively by Joan until November, 2012 at which time she sold her wholesale cotton business to Brookmoore Creations LLC.

Joan and her long-time spinning protégé, Jill Holbrook, co-owner of Brookmoore Creations LLC,  are traveling across the USA and to other countries teaching eager students to spin using Easy to Spin® cotton sliver. Brookmoore Creations is proud to be the exclusive source for wholesale orders of this wonderful cotton product and we want the world to know that “cotton can be Easy to Spin” !