Jill offers 12 classes on Spinning Cotton and Protein Fibers (Wool, Yak, Qiviut). Also instructions on Spinning for Projects and creating Patterns!

Contact Jill at  cotton@brookmoorecreations.com for workshop costs and scheduling.


Charkha-perfect for cotton spinning!


Comprehensive Cotton Spinning (2 day class) Cotton is a wonderful fiber and a joy to spin once you get the feel of it. This class will include the basic techniques for spinning cotton and spinning different preparations of cottons and cotton blends on the wheel, on a spindle and a charka. We will learn a little about the history of cotton and using handspun cotton in knitting, weaving and crochet and discuss dyeing cotton fiber and yarn. Students will practice the long draw, learn to adjust the wheel for cotton spinning, spin samples and gain an appreciation for this wonderful fiber.Fiber provided. (Basic spinning skills needed.)

Ancient Ways of Preparing and Spinning Cotton (6hr class)
Travel back in time to learn how our ancestors prepared cotton for spinning!

  • Learn to spin on a primitive support spindle.
  • Fluff cotton with bows as in Asia and beat cotton with sticks as in the American  Southwest.
  • Spin off the seed and finger gin cotton
  • Learn a bit of history and have FUN ON THE WAY!

(Class skill level-beginner to advanced)

Spinning Cotton with Simple Tools (6hr class)(This class could also be separated into three – 2 or 3 hour – classes:Spinning on a Tahkli Spindle, Spinning on an Ahka Spindle and Spinning on a Charka.) Cotton is the perfect fiber to spin in the Southwest – it is cool, soft and really fun to spin. In this class you will explore many of the traditional ways to prepare and spin cotton. There will be carding, making a puni, and spinning on Tahklis, Ahkas, charkas and even a Great Wheel. Finishing and using cotton yarn will be discussed. (Spinning on a Tahkli Spindle – no experience needed. For Ahka Spindle and Spinning on Charka must be able to spin a continuous thread)

Spinning Study Group with spindles

Spinning with drop and supported spindles!

The Joy of Spindle Spinning (3-6 hr class)Learn the joys of hand spinning on different types of suspended and support spindles and how to choose spindles for desired yarn or fiber. Long draw and advanced top whorl spinning will be included. Various spindles will be available and students are encouraged to bring spindles. Increase skill and pleasure using these wonderful, portable spindles. Spindles and fiber provided. (Beginners to Advanced)

Spinning and Knitting for Lace (6 hour class)Lace is one of those wonderful things that look complex and awe inspiring but is really very simple, at least in knitting. This class will explore appropriate fibers and yarns for lace with a focus on using the yarn for knitting lace. Uses for lace weight yarn, project planning, estimating yarn and fiber needs, patterns and design will be discussed. Students will spin and ply a fine yarn and knit a lace swatch. Fiber will be provided. (Intermediate spinning and knitting skills.)

Spinning Color (1-2 day class)Color is so much fun to spin. There are ways of creating beauty and avoiding those little disasters. In this class we will card fiber to create new colors and we will play with multiple ways of spinning and plying those gorgeous handpainted rovings. Working with color, color theory and using colorful yarns will be discussed. Students will have some wonderful yarns, handouts and tools at the end of the class.Fiber provided. (Basic spinning skills needed.)

Spinning for projects!

Spinning for Knitting and Knitting with Handspun Yarn (2 ½ day class)

Learn to spin the yarn you want and use it for the knitted project of your choice. Students will spin and ply yarns appropriate for several types of knitting including lace. Choice of fiber and appropriate yarns will be discussed as well as estimating fiber and yarn yardage needs. After the yarns are finished, knitting will begin with swatches. Needle size and knitting patterns for each type of yarn will be addressed using the knit swatches. Students will then work through project planning. The project choice, whether real or an exercise, will be the student’s decision. Designing or adjusting a pattern for handspun yarn will be based on the selected swatch. Project ideas, designing, care and finishing will also be discussed. Fiber provided. (Basic spinning and knitting skills needed.)

Shorter, more specific classes from above comprehensive classes: 

Spinning for Knitting (6 hr class) Learn to spin the yarn you want to use for the knitted project of your choice. Students will spin and ply yarns appropriate for several types of knitting including lace. Choice of fiber and appropriate yarns will be discussed as well as estimating fiber and yarn yardage needs, determining needle sizes and choosing projects. (Basic spinning and knitting skills needed.) 

Cotton t-shirt-yarn spun, pattern created and knitted by Jill Holbrook

Plan and Design a Knitting Project with Handspun Yarn (3-6 hr class) Do you ever wonder how much fiber to buy or if you have enough yarn for a project? Starting with the fiber, we will discuss how much fiber to buy, choosing appropriate projects, spinning a specific yarn, correct gauge and stitch patterns and adjusting the pattern to enhance the handspun yarn. Students will receive tools and tips to use for planning a project from start to finish or anywhere in between. (Basic spinning and knitting skills needed.) 

Knitting with Handspun (3-6 hr class) Design a project starting with the yarn. This class is great for handspun yarn but will work for commercial yarn as well. Students will learn to choose appropriate knitting projects, stitches, techniques, and gauge based on the fiber and type of yarn. Using a worksheet we will design a project or adapt a pattern for your yarn. (Understanding of basic knitting needed.) 

Different Drafts for Different Fibers, Different Yarns (3-6 hr class) This class will explore several drafting methods in spinning, when to use them with which fibers and what types of yarn they will produce. Every spinner knows at least one as their usual way of spinning. Adding these additional techniques to your repertoire will give you more tools, control, predictability – more fun! Fiber provided. (Basic spinning skills needed.) 

Plying For Beautiful Yarns (1 day class) Plying your handspun yarns can do more than balance the twist. This class is designed for learning and practicing techniques in plying – 2-ply, Navajo ply, multiple plies- and for creating novelty yarns and manipulating color. (Skill Level: Comfortable with spinning a single yarn on a spinning wheel.)

Spinning Tips and Tricks (3 hour class) This class is full of hints, ideas, tips and tricks for making your spinning easier and more enjoyable. We will cover everything from the ergonomics of spinning to wheels and tools spiced with a few spinning tricks.

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