KNITTING Workshops


6 KNITTING and CROCHET Workshops offered by Jill Holbrook.

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Shrug pattern knitted by Jill.

Uniquely Yours (3-6 hour class) Begin to design your own sweaters or modify a pattern to make it uniquely yours. Start with a yarn you love, your favorite garment or an idea. Students will learn to choose appropriate yarns, stitches, needle size, gauge and basic design tips. Using a worksheet we will start the design for you. (Basic knitting skills needed.)

Knitting and Crochet for Weavers (1 or 2 day class) Knitting and crochet is a wonderful way to add embellishments and edgings to woven fabric. It can also be used to fix flaws, uneven selvedges and to add strength to shoulders and necklines. Students will have hands on experience in how to attach edgings, working several edgings and embellishments and working finishing tricks. Students need only beginner skills in knitting and crochet.

Rose Medallion Scarf

Lace scarf hand knit by Jill!

Knitting Lace (3-6 hour class) Lace knitting is one of those wonderful things that look complex and awesome but is basically simple. In this class students will learn to use charts and knit some simple lace patterns while examining the basic lace unit. We will also explore tips for making lace fun and easy to knit. (Basic knitting skills needed.)

Fair Isle Knitting (3-6 hour class) Fair Isle is a wonderful colorwork technique in knitting. You only work with 2 colors on a row. It’s fun. It’s easy and a great way to use handpainted yarns. It can be traditional or modern. This class will cover the techniques – 2 handed knitting, stranding, steeks, working in the round, cutting your knitting and working with motifs. (Basic knitting skills needed.)


Shawl-Color & texture created by Jill

Knitting With Handpainted and Novelty Yarns (3 hour class) Have you ever had the experience of knitting a gorgeous yarn and finding that it did not turn out so lovely in your finished product? This class will cover the special considerations and techniques to consider when working with the beautiful new yarns we all love. Tips and stitch patterns are offered to preserve the beauty of the yarn and to stretch some of those more expensive novelties. Materials: bring various yarns and knitting needles for practice. Also any special yarns or problems for discussion. (Basic knitting skills needed.)

Faroese Style Shawls (3 hour class) Learn the shaping that creates a top down shawl to drape gracefully from the shoulders encircling the wearer. These are wonderful shawls to wear – warm, comfortable and they look great. Students will knit the beginning of the shawl that may be saved as a sample for future shawls or can be finished after the class for a complete shawl. Using charts, modifying the shawl for different yarns and gauges, and lace patterning is included. Students can work at their own level of comfort from simple to complex. Patterns and handouts will be provided. (Basic knitting skills needed.)

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