Retail Hand Spinning Tools, Cotton Fiber Packets, Hand Spun Yarn Kits & Accessories

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Daisy Spindle

Handmade by Brookmoore Creations!

Jill’s Handmade Daisy Spindle-so light weight that you can spin cotton OR wool!

ALSO click here to check out our Handmade EXOTIC WOOD DROP SPINDLES Drop spindles.

Tahklis & Support bowls.

tahkli and support bowl

Brown cotton spun on a tahkli

tahkli and support bowl







Hand Carders 

Wool Curverd Back Hand Carder

Wool Curved Back Hand Carder

Cotton Curved Back Carders

Cotton Curved Back Hand Carders


Our Wool carders have 72 points per square inch and are an excellent all purpose carder for carding any type of wool.




These cotton carders have 120 points per square inch and are designed to card cotton or any of the finer fibers such as angora or cashmere. We carry them in large & small sizes.



Handmade Carder Covers

Covers for BOTH Wool & Cotton Carders

Covers for BOTH Cotton & Wool Carders


Protect your precious Cotton & Wool carders with SPECIAL COVERS! Strong as they are Attractive-these carders are designed and handmade by Brookmoore’s own Lura.  Choose from a wide selection of fabric designs.

Available in both Cotton carder sizes as well as the Wool carder.

Acala Cotton Lint

Perfect for dyeing! Create your own beautifully colored yarns for tapestry, knitting and weaving.

Yarn created from dyed ACALA COTTON LINT!

Yarn created from dyed ACALA COTTON LINT!

Acala lint 1



4 oz bags of cotton-Plenty for the creation of your special fiber arts!

Cotton Spinner Starter Kits-This kit contains all 6 of our Easy-to-Spin Cottons, a Tahkli, a wooden Support Bowl and cotton spinning instructions-Everything you need to start spinning cotton!

Cotton Sampler Box

Cotton Sampler Box

COTTON CANISTER-Don’t need a tahkli and support bowl? Now you can sample 1 oz. each of our Pima White, Pima Brown, Natural Green, Sea Island, Cinnamon and Acala Easy to Spin Earth Friendly Slivers in a Reusable Canister. The empty canister is perfect to store your spindles & fiber in!

Arizona Treasure Knitting Kits-All kits include handspun Brookmoore cotton and a pattern designed by Jill! She has created kits for BEADED BAGS, DESERT CACTUS(includes bowl, flower & pebble) and CROCHETED SW BOWL

Adorn yourself with  COTTON BOWL EARRINGS-designed EXCLUSIVELY for Brookmoore Creations.  Announce to everyone that YOU-SPIN-COTTON!  Available in gold or silver.cotton bowl earrings2

If you don’t have a retailer carrying our products near you (Retailers of Brookmoore Cotton in you Area )contact us at  for a price list. We will ship that item to you.