CONVERGENCE 2018 Registration Opens November & December 2017!


Register for Jill Holbrook’s Cotton Spinning workshop at CONVERGENCE 2018.

Priority Registration opens November 29, 2017

General Registration opens December 6, 2017

1W-F008 Spinning Cotton on a Spinning Wheel

Friday, July 6, 2018     9AM-4:30PM

Cotton is so soft and so comfortable to wear. Unfortunately cotton has had a reputation that it is difficult to spin.  In some ways cotton is easier to spin than wool – especially with the lovely carded cotton sliver available now to spinners.   In this workshop, you will learn to:

 1. Adjust the wheel for spinning cotton

2. Spin cotton using a light touch and the long draw

3. Ply cotton

4. Finish handspun cotton yarns

5. Discuss using handspun cotton for weaving, knitting, crochet                                                      and embroidery



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