Wholesale COTTON! Sustainable Cotton Fiber for Retail Sales

Brookmoore Creations supplies earth-friendly, easy-to-spin wholesale cotton fiber to retailers across the USA.

Our wholesale cotton is grown with more love and less chemicals; ginned into lint and processed into sliver using a special technique to make hand spinning the cotton fiber a true joy. Your customers will love spinning with our cotton and cotton spinning tools!

Wholesale Cotton for Hand Spinning, crafted in our cotton shack

Brookmoore’s Cotton Shack

Brookmoore Creations LLC Wholesale/Retail Cotton Business is celebrating its’ second anniversary. Our wonderful retail customer base is growing as word of our exceptional cotton fiber products spreads to all four corners of the USA. Our friend and mentor, Joan Ruane, continues to travel here and abroad – teaching others the joy of cotton spinning Natural Green, Brown and White cottons.

Look for shops that sell our product under the RETAILERS IN YOUR AREA tab. If there are none, we will gladly provide a retail price list of all of our items.

Our 2016 Wholesale Cotton Inventory
Earth Friendly and Easy to Spin

Wholesale Cotton for Retail Sales

Brookmoore Creations Wholesale Cotton Fiber

  • NEW! Natural Cinnamon
  • Natural Green Cotton Sliver
  • Sea Island Cotton sliver
  • Pima White Cotton Sliver
  • Pima Brown Cotton Sliver
  • Acala Cotton Sliver
  • Acala Cotton Lint

Prices available – email:

We request a five pound minimum order to ship:
one product or a combination

Shopkeeper’s Cotton Spinners Starter Package

Shopkeeper’s Cotton Spinners Starter Package

Shopkeeper’s Cotton Spinners Starter Package

Shop Owners interested in carrying cotton fiber and spindles for your customers –  Brookmoore Creations is offering a “Shopkeeper’s Cotton Spinners Starter Package”

The package (photo above) contains:

  • 3 lbs. ETS earth friendly Pima cotton sliver
  • 3 lbs. ETS  earth friendly Natural Green cotton sliver
  • 3 lbs. ETS earth friendly Pima Brown cotton sliver
  • Shopkeeper’s Choice of 5 lbs. Acala cotton lint
    OR  2 lbs ETS earth friendly Acala cotton sliver
  • 10 Indian-style Tahkli Spindles (made in the USA)
  • A list of Suggested Retail Prices and Materials for marketing these products

Please e-mail cotton@brookmoorecreations.com for the price.

Encourage your customers to try cotton spinning!

Handspinner’s Cotton Sampler Box

Ready for your shelf — available to you at wholesale prices!

Handspinner’s Cotton Sampler Box - Wholesale for Cotton Retailers

Handspinner’s Cotton Sampler Box


  • 20 grams each of Pima White, Sea Island,  AcalaPima Brown and Natural Green  Easy to Spin® slivers
  •  1 Tahkli  Spindle w/Support Bowl
  • 1 Instructional Pamphlet- SPINNING WITH A TAHKLI

» Boxes are sold in quantities of 6 – Contact us at cotton@brookmoorecreations.com

Tahkli Spindles

Tahkli Spindles for Cotton Spinning

Tahkli Spindles

This Indian-style Tahkli spindle provides the handspinner with a truly portable and efficient method to spin cotton.

The Tahkli Spindle was created in India specifically to spin cotton. Yes, cotton can be spun on a spinning wheel, but because of it’s small size and weight is the most portable tool for someone spinning cotton. The Tahkli is a support spindle, a high revolution tool, that is a must for every cotton spinner!

Our Tahkli Spindles are made in the USA.

Wholesale prices available — please email us at:

We are committed to providing our customers with the best product and the best service.

We ask that new wholesale customers provide us with a tax ID number when placing their initial order. Thank you.

E-mail cotton@brookmoorecreations.com to order

Easy to spin cotton sliver and yarns